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Again I'm posting before my lovely partner, I might come back and add in once she does but no promises.

‘Midnight on the Firing Line’ or ‘And so it begins...Again’Collapse )

The Gathering, spoiler edition

So we actually watched this ep a couple weeks ago when I said we were, but then my lovely partner got really busy and the project got put on hold. I wrote up my thoughts at the time but had planned to wait in her post so I could comment a bit more on her reactions, however now it looks like she’ll just role those thoughts in with her thoughts on the next ep so I guess I’ll just post mine without.

A bit of introduction/background on me (no spoilers in this part)Collapse )

1x00 ‘The Gathering’ or ‘And So it Begins’ (spoilers)Collapse )

New project

Hello everyone, you will soon see that we have a new project for b5rewatch wherein clockwork_sky watches the show for the first time while I watch it for the...let's not discuss how many times. This should be fun.

We're not going to set any kind of schedule for this. We're not even going to commit to a format, probably some liveblogging, some quick and dirty thoughts, some in depth analysis'. But I can say that we will be making separate posts and so you should not spoil the newby. My posts, feel free to comment on anything including how unprepared our new friend is.

So feel free to follow us as we go on a journey through Babylon 5.



I'm curious if people had forgotten the schedule we were going to use, or if no one else wanted to post thoughts on The Gathering. I think either way we'll move on, but you are still free to post your thoughts on prior episodes too.

As a reminder here is the schedule for season 1.

Gathering thoughts

My thoughts as I rewatched The Gathering:
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So I realized something recently that may not effect everyone, but I know those of us who originally created the schedule might be concerned. After all, the way the schedule currently is we start on the day of the Doctor Who finale (we just thought it would be cool to start on the 5th originally), so opinions...

Poll #1212484 start date

Does the Doctor Who finale make a difference to you and if so what should we do about it?

I don't watch Doctor Who (or don't at BBC pace)
I do watch Doctor Who, but it's not going to make a big difference
Can we start earlier?
We'd better move it forward a bit
Extra ticky box



Welcome to b5rewatch where we plan to rewatch (and maybe snag some new fans) for the show Babylon 5. As you may notice the community is still under construction and we would welcome any input offered by our members to improve it. We'll be starting the actual rewatch soon so pull out those DVDs, keep an eye on the Shadows, and make sure the cats have quacked so that you're ready when we do.

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